How to eat properly

You know when you have the kind of week where you look in the mirror and see that you may have gained a few extra pounds in your tummy? I feel like I had that kind of week. I have no excuse, I’m a nutrition professional, healthnut and mostly vegan but have been insanely hungrier than usual this week.

I was NOT pairing my food correctly, mostly due to my faulty grocery shopping. This only used to happen when my cancer tumor was deciding to grow into a football, unbeknownst to me! Well, I don’t want that happening again.

So, how to eat correctly? It’s simple! Here you go:

1. Realize that how you are eating your food and in what order is affecting your belly, digestion and weight. Proper food pairing is essential to good health and digestion. Our bodies use different enzymes to digest different foods and can only do it properly when we pair certain foods together. This way we avoid gas, bloating, burping, energy draining, weight gain, etc. See below:

Starches/Veggies = OK  :::::::   Starches/Fats = OK   ::::::   2 different Starches = OK
Protein/Veggies = OK    ::::   Fruits/Veggies = OK

***Fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach and 25 minutes before you eat a meal (it breaks down the quickest), otherwise it sits and ferments and acidifies behind other food in your GI tract…like a dirty little traffic jam.
2. Need suggestions? See below:

Green salad w/ grilled Fish    ::::    Salad w/ guacamole and corn tortilla chips
Sweet Potatoes w/ green salad   ::::    Meat w/ sauteed spinach or broccoli

Green smoothies that mix veggies/fruits together!

It makes such a huge difference when you pair foods properly. You can even get rid of excess weight by doing this (typically around 5-10 lbs). My favorite way to get back on track is to switch to green smoothies for breakfast (so hard during cold weather), then properly pairing the rest of my meals that day. Repeat the whole week. Does the trick! It just takes some getting used to, learning the steps and then implementing them.

Happy eating!


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