What are Excitotoxins? You need to know.

Simply put, excitotoxins are addictive flavor enhancers that are added to almost all processed foods. They are especially common in sweet and salty snack foods, frozen foods, yogurt, gum, condiments and diet snacks. They enhance flavor while poisoning our food in the process and causing an artificial “high” for the consumer. This is why most fast food chains hire food chemists to load their foods with these chemicals, so that it makes the customer want to come back for more.

Common excitotoxins are Nutrasweet (aspartame) and MSG (monosodium glutamate) and its derivatives. To be even sneakier, companies will use “other” code names for these chemicals like: autolysis/autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, textured protein, soy protein extract, sodium caseinate, natural flavors/flavoring, and “spices” without specifying which exact spices.

These chemicals react with specialized receptors in our brains that lead to cell death. These chemicals also cause a host of problems such as aging, neurological disorders, migraines, endocrine disorders, heart attacks, strokes, tumors, seizures and also worsen the symptoms of diseases such as MS, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, ALS, ADHD, Depression, Diabetes, etc.

Now, I’m one of those wacky nutritionists who keeps a list of those “code names” for MSG in my purse so that when I’m shopping I can quickly glance at my food labels, but I’ve even been tricked! There have been products that I would NEVER suspect would have these additives and when I got home I saw them listed under a sub-code name! Big box supermarkets and Trader Joe’s still widely use “natural flavors” and MSG or its derivatives very frequently in their foods. Did you know that “natural flavors” are even added to most teas?

It’s saddening that for one, we’ve gotten used to seeing these disgusting packaged foods in the markets and we grew up eating them so now we’re “hooked” on them and second, that most people either don’t know or don’t care to change their eating habits because it just tastes “too good”. Their tastebuds are now so used to artificial flavors that healthy foods “taste bad”. Well, that was the goal of these companies! It is so cheap to make these products and they are making profits off of our health and subsequent cancer and disease.

Back in the day, before modern technology and processed foods, people ate off of the land or through local farmer’s markets. They caught wild game and fish, ground their own wheat (which wasn’t genetically modified back then) and ate fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds from their gardens or the forest.

This is a diet that is highly natural because the food was closest to its natural state. Now, I don’t know what idiot proposed that you should milk a cow and give that to your kids, but a diet like I mentioned before would be most ideal for most people, minus dairy. You’re supposed to stick to your own species for that ;)…..plus, I haven’t heard of any mothers out there that ever made cheese from their breast milk….just sayin’.

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