When life throws you lemons….

15 years of studying natural, holistic health and nutrition. Attending a natural health college and nutrition school. Eating healthy, doing yoga, following rules, not drinking or doing drugs. Drinking thousands of green smoothies and knowing I was put on this earth to help others become healthy the natural way and then my life changed. The joke was on me.

In February of 2010 it started. Then in 2013, my symptoms were vague but very present and then the cough started. The cough that made me brake 2 ribs. I blamed it on allergies and thought nothing of it but looking back, I had other symptoms but didn’t know they were symptoms. It got bad quick, went downhill overnight and I was in urgent care with what they thought was Pneumonia. One day later I was back home in the Bay Area, in the ER….having surgery to biopsy the huge football sized mass they found sitting in my chest near my heart sack and more spots in my lungs, hips and spleen.

Then the waiting started…..the waiting for the pathologist to give us a preliminary report on what this big mass was. The surgeon called: Lymphoma Cancer, Stage 4 and spread from my chest to my lungs and spleen. We all cried and then the first thing I told my parents was that I wanted to go get Vegan ice cream. So we did. Outpouring of hearts, souls and love flooded our family.

What do I do with this? How do I process this? I think it’s funny that everyone else in my life Google’d “Lymphoma” and I hadn’t. I’m always the crazy, over-analytic one and I hadn’t even looked yet.

I gave myself a week to digest the news and then met with my oncologist. It would be 6 months of the worst chemo ever invented and a month of radiation. I mean, really? 33 and I have an oncologist?? I’m a healthnut who was on an anti-cancer diet! It’s all so surreal. I know there is a lesson in everything so I don’t even question certain things but I just think it’s ironic that the green juice guzzling, vegan, healthnut girl gets cancer. Crazy stuff does happen and clearly, cancer does NOT discriminate.

I also believe in miracles, and I come from a long line of strong women. I have the most amazing support system anyone could ever ask for and that, I think, is what makes me have peace in all of this. Knowing so many people are there, waiting to help and love me.

I know this diagnosis will change my life and will probably change my goals. I’m ready….for life transformation.


2 thoughts on “When life throws you lemons….

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve read about chaga, I usually stick to reishi mushrooms being one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. They have amazing healing properties. I’m just grateful to be alive and 1 year in remission! xo


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