Wisdom from a tea bag

“The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.”

I’ve learned a lot about life in the last 35 years. But, I learned even more about life in the last 2 years since being diagnosed, getting treated and surviving stage 4 cancer. Just writing that sentence out makes me stop and reflect on what that means and it’s awesome.
Enjoying every moment in life is kind of a tall order, right?
I’m not so sure I enjoy life when my finger gets smashed in the garage door or when I have to deal with political, medical red tape after switching health insurance companies, BUT, I do have the greatest insight into how we can do this. ATTITUDE & LETTING GO.
Facing my death did so much for me. After I started treatment I had to wait 4 long months before I could find out if it was working, so basically I had to sit at home and wonder if I was going to die or not. This isn’t what you normally ponder on a Tuesday night! I just wanted to watch The Voice! You can imagine that this causes one to re-evaluate their priorities as well as their thought patterns. I started noticing that I was no longer worried about anything other than living. I started noticing that everything I used to be scared of was now TRIVIAL. Everything I used to complain about was now TRIVIAL. I was no longer going to be a reactionary person. I was going to live with purpose, knowing how lucky I was.
Once I LET GO and shifted my ATTITUDE, I started to really live. I had to put full trust in the Universe and God to get me through this (letting go) and I had to put full trust in myself to do my part (attitude). I had to show up everyday with courage, strength, a grateful attitude and a fearless approach to life. I’ve taken this with me and to this day I still live like this. It changed my life. Nothing really bothers me that much anymore. I also don’t really worry about much anymore. I was able to let go of all of the stupid fears I had because really, how was that serving me? What was I so afraid of before? I can tell you it was nothing compared to the fear of death. So LET GO and and GO FOR IT. Live your life! Enjoy the moments. Stop worrying. Stop complaining. Trust me, life is so much better like this! Think for a moment about how lucky we are to be here and let’s not take anything for granted.

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