Why I gave up having a life plan

Planning ahead is about preparing for the future, right? It’s something we all like to think about often because most of us focus on the future and not on the present. Our lives revolve around asking ourselves what we can do, who we can be and where we can go next. For some people it’s even asking how much more they can get, when the focus should be on what we already have.

In some small way we think we control our lives but the honest truth is that we can’t. Sure, we control what clothes we put on and what route we take to work, but the bigger things in life aren’t in our control. Events at work, natural disasters, potential mates, illness, injury, financial emergencies…these are all out of our control.

I learned this lesson the hard way when I was diagnosed at 33 years old with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. I mean, come on, I’m a healthnut vegan who does health and wellness for a living and BOOM!, that happened. That was definitely not in my “plan.”

I was forced to let go of my “plan” and soon came to realize that I wasn’t in control like I had thought. We just can’t possibly know what life will throw at us. We try so hard to control when really, shouldn’t we just let go and live in the moment? This lesson on letting go has been pivotal for me. What a concept! You hear about it all the time but hardly anybody practices it.

You can bet I started practicing because I had no choice. With letting go, I no longer feel anxious and nervous about the future since those feelings have now been replaced with a sense of peace. Peace in knowing that I will receive everything I need in the right timing and that I don’t need to force things.

Letting go and learning to trust the Universe brings rewards that are truly priceless. It really allows you to open yourself up while it paves the way to a peaceful mind. Next time you notice yourself trying to control, will you close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale and join me in in the practice of letting go?


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