Plant-based protein shake review


I’m very excited today! It’s hard to find a good protein shake that is certified organic, non-GMO and hypoallergenic (Dairy-Soy-Gluten Free). While at Whole Foods today, I found this Orgain brand protein shake AND it actually tastes good. I had the smooth chocolate flavor.

It contains 16 grams of plant based protein and doesn’t have any crazy herbs in it like all other brands so it’s pretty safe for pregnant women as well.

If you’re looking for extra protein, a good supplement or a pre/post workout booster, give it a try!



4 thoughts on “Plant-based protein shake review

  1. Ah, gotcha- this was only 1.99 for the little single carton….I’ll have to check the website to see if they sell it in larger quantities.

    I talk about America’s obsession with eating too much protein in my book coming out later this year 🙂


    1. A typical commercial dairy protein shake has anywhere between 18-30 gms of protein, which is just too much for us. We don’t need that much protein and when we take in high amounts it can cause many health problems. Everyone is different so it’s good to research. You also want to monitor the sugar content in commercial shakes. Mainstream shakes are either whey or dairy based which cause inflammation.


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