The Art of Yoga and Pregnancy


This picture pretty much sums up my yoga practice since i got pregnant. My body just doesn’t want yoga. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, it’s hard to just stop but I want to listen to my body and honor it. Our bodies have this innate ability to give us clues into what we should and shouldn’t be doing. I’ve resolved to sitting in the above pose and then letting whatever comes to come.

I’ve been doing prenatal pilates and I’ve liked it but I’m confused as to why I don’t want to do yoga! My first trimester was absolutely brutal and I was sick and tired way too often. I barely got in one day of fitness during that time. Now, I’m not as tired but I still find exercise a challenge and it’s killing me.

I’ve always been super fit and never too tired to exercise and this has been a lesson in acceptance and listening to what my body wants. I’m trying to be creative with trying new things, working out at different times of the day and also seeing what my pregnant body feels like it wants to do.

Have any of you struggled with the same issues during pregnancy?


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