What I Ate Today: High Raw Plant-Based

Here is a very short video on what I ate today on high raw plant-based meals. I’ve never felt better and my pregnancy is going great! I think I haven’t experienced many of the 3rd trimester complaints like excessive weight gain, swelling and pain because of my diet and lifestyle. Not to say that I don’t have any pain at all or that I’m not uncomfortable– that comes with the territory. But, for the most part, I’ve been feeling good.


If life has you down, read this….

I always look back on this monumental time in my life when life was at its worst. Coming out on the other side as a stronger, brighter and more courageous person gave me the power to create change. My goal since then has always been to inspire others to LIVE LIFE, EAT HEALTHY and LOVE DEEPLY. It’s all that is important. This article below is my story 🙂