And baby makes 2!

It has been a long time since I last did a blog post, but for good reason….I had a baby! On her due date (which is very rare!), on July 30th- the day after my birthday, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ava, who was 6 lbs. 5.4 ounces and 19 in. long- with long legs like her mama!


She is just precious! She turned 3 weeks old today and I have loved every minute. She is a pretty good baby and only really has fits when she is extra hungry beyond the usual. I am finally learning her cues/signals and what she wants which is the hard part.

The lack of sleep is seriously NO JOKE, people. Oh. My. Goodness. It is probably the hardest part of parenting an infant, besides your whole world changing. I’m learning the art of taking her out to run errands with me, which is hard in itself, but practice makes perfect! Thank goodness I have a great support system around me because without their help, it would be almost impossible!

I am so grateful that God gave me this sweet girl, she is quite the miracle baby. To think just 1.5 years ago I had stage 4 cancer, was told I wouldn’t be able to have kids since my treatment was so toxic and then got pregnant, had a healthy pregnancy and she is perfect! Counting my blessings every day.

xo, Heather


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