What are you grateful for this week?

I try to make my gratitude journal a daily thing in my life but sometimes you just get busy! This post will serve as my gratitude journal entry for today. It’s really powerful when you write down what you are grateful for. It creates awareness, appreciation and love for your life and that, in turn, creates more amazingness to enter into your world.

Things I am grateful for today:

  1. My parents – they are so supportive and wonderful to me every day but so much so during this time in my life when I need them a lot. Just having had a baby 7 weeks ago, they have been instrumental in helping me and babysitting!
  2. Life/Good Health – This is on my list every day since I almost lost my life to cancer. Health is everything. I truly learned the importance of a positive attitude during that awful time and I am so grateful to wake up breathing every day.
  3. My miracle daughter – 7 weeks old today! She was supposed to be something I would never be able to have because I was supposed to be infertile after treatment but somehow God made it possible and she chose me as her Mom against all odds. Thank you, Ava!
  4. Tom’s Shoes – I. Love. Toms. Shoes. They are so comfortable and I can walk in them for miles! (Ask me about the time I walked 100 blocks in them in NYC during Winter).
  5. Snapchat – Ok, this one may seem dumb but I have to say….I really like watching people enjoy their lives on snapchat. Follow me: heatherjuliet

xo, Heather


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