Time to put down some roots?


I’m a gypsy.

Always have been for as long as l can remember. I’ve lived in a lot of places….I mean… A LOT. I’ve moved over 21 times in the last 11 years, sometimes within the same city and for reasons out of my control BUT…..I moved. Let’s just say I’m totally down with change. Call me a chameleon because I’m super adaptable.

Then I became pregnant. Stay with me here.

Having a baby and being a gypsy don’t really go together. I knew at some point something was going to have to give me some roots. It turns out that this was it! My sweet baby girl, Ava, was that thing. It’s turned out quite perfect, actually.

This new and amazing life event forced me to move back home, be near my family and the rest of my “tribe” and to choose this for her. She needs stability and a large network of supporters and she has that here. I also learned that I needed that same support network. Being a single mom away from your tribe doesn’t really work.

I’ve always been independent and had no problem living away from family and friends but this was different. A baby is a huge deal. All of my cousins are also having babies and it’s just time to get rooted. I’m so happy to become rooted for my daughter because she is the most important thing in my life. Having her has taught me what all mothers discover- the stuff you want just isn’t as important anymore.


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