Fitness struggles?

I’m a skinny person. I grew up an athlete & dancer. Then at 33 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma cancer & lost 20 more lbs. during chemo & radiation. I also had some permanent muscle & nerve damage which left me extra skinny & weak even though I was desperately trying to rebuild my new body. 10 months later, in the middle of trying to build my body back, I got pregnant so I had to take it easy. I gave birth this last July & I’m still skinny like before but I don’t feel strong. I’m really trying to get strong again & as a new mom it has been challenging!! I’m working on building up muscle again, toning up & gaining strength so that I can be my best self. I wanted to share this to encourage others who are facing similar challenges. Keep going, keep active & find ways to strength train. I am really trying to step up my game in this area & to make more time…even as a single mama w/ a baby to take care of. Moms (and Dads!),we can do this! Let’s do this. Who’s struggling?


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