Holistic Health Tip 8

The tip of the day today is about castile soap! I am obsessed with this stuff and now you can be too. Did you know how versitle it is?? Check out the article below for secret tips!



Holistic Health Tip of the Day- 7

Holistic Health Tip of the Day- 7: The 4 things to avoid in your sunscreen! Most conventional sunscreens break the blood/brain barrier and go directly into our bodies. It’s important to find ways to decrease our toxic load. Read the article below for tips.


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Holistic Health Tip 1

I’m starting a 30-Day kickoff for my new “Holistic Health Tip of the Day” series. 
Day 1: try to start your day off with something that alkalizes your body. Drink a 20-36 oz. of room temp, filtered water with lemon or start with a green smoothie. Green smoothies in particular because greens like kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, celery, etc. are alkalizing, meaning they bring our bodies back to their most optimal state internally and on the cellular level. You can add apples, mangoes and frozen fruits too. Besides your doctor, you can test your Ph levels with these strips from Amazon…💚


Exciting things are coming!

I am excited to be creating some fun new online programs so that I can better serve you. I want everyone to feel good on a daily basis in their body, mind & spirit. Your health is #1! Stay tuned for more details!