Why is it so hard to do nothing?


Why is is so hard to do nothing?

I have been challenging myself to look at my phone less. I’m not gonna lie…it’s not as easy as we think it will be since we’ve become so reliant on them. But, the funny part is, I didn’t grow up with cell phones so it’s not that weird for me to be without my phone.

I actually like it, so I’ve been challenging myself to not pick it up specifically when I’m in any waiting room. Doctor, dentist, etc. I pick up a magazine like I always used to do. When did we stop reading magazines?? I LOVE magazines and books and will be protesting forever as they go digital and book stores close all around the country. I want that physical experience of reading something where I turn the pages, not click the next screen. Ugh. Is social media the new magazine?

I feel like everywhere I go, everyone is either looking down at their phones or has their headphones in.

This is not helping us as a civilization.

We are losing touch with each other, losing eye contact and losing our social skills. The teens of the modern world never had to talk to someone or look someone in the eye because their phone was a stand-in.

This is why I don’t let my daughter play with my iphone and ipad. I really want her to learn what it’s like to interact with people. Is AI going to completely take over so that there are no more “people” in customer service jobs?

I’m not sure where we are headed but I love the challenge I have started and will continue to do it as long as magazines are still in print. What areas within technology do you struggle the most??



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