Visualizing your future

There’s a lot of emphasis lately on the future and having “vision”. Companies have vision statements and definitely think well into the future when they are strategy planning. While I prefer to live more in-the-moment, I can appreciate why having a vision is so important.

Visions and dreams help us to have a focal point, something to reach for. I think it’s super important to have dreams and goals that push us to be better everyday. I’m a life-long learner and will always be going after something, whether it’s a new skill, certification or goal. 

Visualizing your future is just another tool to help with momentum. Vision boards can be a great tool that you look at everyday. Visualization exercises, however, are what I like to help people with most. 

These exercises should be done from a standpoint of already having what it is you desire. Instead of visualizing the future you want to have, pretend you’re already there. NOW visualize your life from that place. It changes the whole thing. Visualize your life as the person who’s already living your dream, see what that feels like, what things is that future you concerned with, what are their dreams? This puts us in a mindset of abundance and not lack. If we dream about what we don’t have but wish we did…we won’t get anywhere. If we visualize our future already being in the shoes of ourselves after having reached our current goal, then we can attract more of what we aspire to be. 

I’m telling ya, it’s a game changer to approach your visualizations like this! Give it a try!


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