Heather Juliet // Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Coach, Energy Healer

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m grateful you are here! 

My mission is to help you enhance your life for the better & move easier, through yoga therapy & exercise, selfcare strategies and wellness methods.

I specialize in helping people suffering from injury, anxiety/stress, illness, pain, trauma or physical limitations. Traumas from injury/illness, anxiety and life events can cause the body to hold on to negative emotions and trap them in our bodies. Yes, are bodies are that complex! My therapeutic classes aim to help you release them supportively, allowing you to return to a “feel good” state and correct your muscle/brain neuropathways.

Growing up as an athlete & dancer, I was always moving but never that flexible so certain things were just not possible for my body. I also had scoliosis which was my first introduction to body pain. 

I was very curious and interested in holistic health from a young age and ended up getting certified in several different health and wellness methodologies. This knowledge helped me navigate through many years of chronic stress, illness and anxiety.

Then at 33, I got diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer. This was serious…..two weeks to live serious! It left this already thin girl 25 pounds lighter and bare bones with “chemo brain” memory issues, muscular/tissue problems, lung damage, neuropathy and physical pain. 

After my cancer treatment was over, I needed to find myself again and needed to rebuild my mind, body & spirit but I was given no resources so I had to take all of my knowledge and experiment. 

It was then that I got certified in Hatha Yoga focused on alignment and therapeutics. I went on to receive advanced training in Yin Yoga, Somatic Movement and Clinical Yoga Therapy, focusing on retraining the brain and body for proper movement, pain reduction and energetically clearing out trauma from the body. I was able to rebuild successfully and haven’t looked back since!

Maybe you also have injury, anxiety/stress, illness, pain, trauma or some physical limitations and need deeper healing. I love helping others rebuild!

I live for this work and I know I can help you because I’ve been through it all. I will be here to support you through your journey.

My Certifications:

  • Reiki Energy Healer
  • Yoga Teacher 200-hr
  • Somatic Movement Educator
  • Advanced Clinical Yoga Therapist (in progress)
  • Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach
  • Food Psychology Coach

My book is on Amazon!