What is energy healing? – Energy healing is used to balance the body’s energy systems and raise the frequency/vibration of the body. Ever heard of good vibes? That is what energy healing can create. Energy healing is like acupuncture but without needles. It promotes physical, mental, and emotional healing, removing blocks and deep relaxation. It can sometimes feel like slight tingling to some or nothing to others….just depends. You will feel relaxed, less stressed and balanced after a session. I usually feel euphoric! Energy is at the heart of everything and affects our health and wellness. I can work on any emotional/physical issue you are currently facing and help facilitate healing.

What is a frequency? – Frequencies are everywhere. They are energetic pulses found in everything. High frequencies or “good vibes” are the goal and low frequencies or “bad vibes” are the ones we want to get rid of. Emotions, words, foods, buildings all hold certain frequencies. Ever notice you feel a certain way when walking into a room, eating a certain food or saying something you regret? I use energy healing to clear low frequencies from your body and enable your body to heal whatever is ailing it.