Are you “too busy” ?


Are you “too busy” ?

What does that mean anyways….too busy. Why did this become a thing? I feel like it really only becomes a thing once you have kids or if you work in corporate america. I only say that because those are the only two situations that have ever caused me to utter those words.

Then I stumbled upon simple living. Simple living is a concept that came to me during meditation when I was going through cancer. It kind of popped up out of nowhere and stood out to me. The charm of this thought stuck with me. Simple living. What was this exactly? And, how did it relate with being busy?

My spirit was telling me I needed this. I was all ears because I knew that after my treatment was over, I wanted a different life than what I had before.

My life before was a rat race. Same old stupid stuff everyday that was leaving me dry and miserable. Working full time, not much of a social life, didn’t like where I was living, didn’t like where I was working, didn’t like much at all, actually.

I always had yearning for something different. Something more simple.

So, one day I really started to think of what that might be. I immediately imagined moving to some tropical place like Costa Rica or Bali and teaching yoga and living out of a backpack. It was so NOT me, but I thought the idea sounded fun.

Then my treatment ended and I decided to travel to Europe to see some family and figure out my next move.

I ended up moving back to Southern California and got a full time job since I had to, gotta pay the bills, right? But this time, I was going to live differently. I decided to only make plans with people I really wanted to hang out with. I didn’t over-schedule my life. I only bought the furniture I really needed. I had more nights without TV, just reading or doing yoga or meditating…. and I liked it.

4 years later and I’ve still honed this skill of saying no more, not over-scheduling my life and limiting what I spend my time doing.

I feel like when we are “too busy” we are hiding from something. Why is it so awful just being? What’s so bad about just hanging out with ourselves or our families? Are we afraid of what we may find if we don’t live up to what society thinks is important?



The stress solution

Is there such a thing? I think there can be but it takes work. We just don’t live in the same world we did 25 years ago.

Things are a bit crazy now.

Heads buried in phones, less human interaction and less outdoor play.

What’s really sad is that our kids aren’t even getting the same life we did. They won’t know what it’s like to get bored because why would they…everything is at their fingertips. They are even taught on iPads in school!

Our schedules are jammed packed now that it takes two incomes to support a family…for the most part. Activities galore, no time for rest and little family time to just be together.

Simplifying your life includes letting go of things that don’t add value. If you are too busy being stressed about driving your family around to a zillion activities, then let go of some. Focus on things you can do at home or as a family instead…..your kids won’t be ruined. More kids are ridden with anxiety now than ever before. Too much pressure from school and too much pressure from society! I can’t stand it.

Let’s all focus on the now. Right now. It’s all that matters anyways.

Less stuff, less junk, less shopping, more loving, more cooking, more lounging.





Mother’s Day Love


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there – you are amazing! Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible mom, who set the best example for me as I figure out my own way through motherhood. It’s the best job in the world! Thank you, Ava, for choosing me as your mom. I love you!



Spring detox ideas

Hi! Happy Spring.

Why do we always want to clean in Spring? Is it the fresh beginnings and new growth happening in nature that inspires us to start new?

I find it’s the perfect time to set ourselves up for the rest of the year and let go of all of the old, heavy energy of Winter. I try to practice these habits all year but here are some of my favorite Spring detox ideas below:

  1. Clear out your clutter. I’m not sure if you know this about me but I’m a huge fan of minimalism. I got on the bandwagon in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. It has changed my life on so many levels. I’ll go deeper on this topic in another post but for now lets focus on cleaning out our closets, cupboards, garage and any other areas with junk. Throw out all of that junk and items you want to donate and let’s march forward (get it….it’s March), and let’s bask in the lightness it brings.
  2. Do a 1-week food cleanse. I believe every Spring (and any other time of year you need), we should give our bodies a break from poor eating habits, bad digestion and wasted energy. I’m a huge fan of food detoxes because really, who enjoys starving? Eating plant-based for one week is my favorite suggestion for everyone since it re-calibrates your digestion, it lightens the load on your digestive system and it cleans you out from the inside out. Make sure to take a good probiotic while you’re doing this.
  3. Go on an adventure and do something fun. We’ve just been stuck indoors for how many months during Winter? Now it’s time to get outside and do something fun! Go somewhere, do something that makes you happy and really enjoy yourself because life is short.
  4. Do something outside of your comfort zone. I am a HUGE FAN of doing this. It will change your life on a deep level, overcoming fears and pushing yourself beyond your own self-limiting boundaries. Do it without thinking, just do it. That’s how I do it, because by nature, I’d want to be scared and hide but now I just force myself to do things that scare me and not look back.

I hope these ideas inspire you to take some action and start your Spring off with a bang.

xo- Heather

Healthy Breakfast!

I know I’m bad at posting regularly & I’m trying to be better about that! Being a new Mom is hard on your time! Because I don’t have any time anymore, I like quick & healthy meals.

This breakfast is both! I used vegan yogurt, fruit & granola. Boom. What are your go-to breakfasts?

*I’m more active on social media like Instagram @heather_juliet & Snapchat @heatherjuliet BUT I’m trying to blog more, I promise!

Time to put down some roots?


I’m a gypsy.

Always have been for as long as l can remember. I’ve lived in a lot of places….I mean… A LOT. I’ve moved over 21 times in the last 11 years, sometimes within the same city and for reasons out of my control BUT…..I moved. Let’s just say I’m totally down with change. Call me a chameleon because I’m super adaptable.

Then I became pregnant. Stay with me here.

Having a baby and being a gypsy don’t really go together. I knew at some point something was going to have to give me some roots. It turns out that this was it! My sweet baby girl, Ava, was that thing. It’s turned out quite perfect, actually.

This new and amazing life event forced me to move back home, be near my family and the rest of my “tribe” and to choose this for her. She needs stability and a large network of supporters and she has that here. I also learned that I needed that same support network. Being a single mom away from your tribe doesn’t really work.

I’ve always been independent and had no problem living away from family and friends but this was different. A baby is a huge deal. All of my cousins are also having babies and it’s just time to get rooted. I’m so happy to become rooted for my daughter because she is the most important thing in my life. Having her has taught me what all mothers discover- the stuff you want just isn’t as important anymore.

Living big and with purpose

Today I felt extra grateful for life. It wasn’t because of anything special or because something awesome happened, it was just because this last week has felt hectic to me for some reason, and I consciously took a moment to reflect and meditate. I realized that I hadn’t done my gratitude journal!

I love practicing gratefulness because it reminds me of what I have in my life currently and allows me to appreciate it! This practice is super important in today’s world. Always trying to accumulate that next BIG material thing or trying to keep up with the Jones’s isn’t my idea of living big.

Living big, to me, is going for it. Going for that something that you might be afraid to pursue or stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s saying “yes” to things more than you say “no” to them. I have made a real effort to do this. When I get invited somewhere or someone asks me to do something or go somewhere, I really try not to come up with excuses as to why I don’t want to do it. I really try to get out and have more fun. In the past, I was always a person who would rather play it safe and would rather stay at home and watch a movie, saying “no” rather than go out. Now, I’m trying to do more things, say “yes” more often and be a little more fearless in my actions.

Since having a baby, I’ve obviously had to scale back a little bit on going anywhere I want whenever I want but I made a point not to be a hermit crab. I started taking her out the first week of her life and getting her used to being in the car and running errands with me. It’s important to me not to lose my sense of self just because I’m a mom now. To be the best mom, I need to nourish myself and continue to live BIG so that I can be an example for my child.

How are you living big? Do you find yourself afraid of going out and doing new things? What do you think stops you from going after your dreams?

xo, Heather