Mother’s Day Love


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there – you are amazing! Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible mom, who set the best example for me as I figure out my own way through motherhood. It’s the best job in the world! Thank you, Ava, for choosing me as your mom. I love you!




Are you lovable?

Love is powerful! The most important kind is self-love. You have to become the type of person that you can love when you look in the mirror. THEN, you’ll have the ability to love others. Are you lovable to yourself? 

Xo, Heather 

Do you stress during the holidays?

What is the deeper purpose today? My deeper purpose today is compassion. The holidays cause people a lot of stress and that causes those people to have rude behavior, (yes I’m talking to the rude people I encountered at Target yesterday). I want to work on not letting those rude people affect me. I used to be really good at this but it has become harder. I ALWAYS do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are going through a hard time, illness, anxiety, anything. My Buddha statue always reminds me to be more compassionate. It’s the season of giving so let’s give more smiles! 😀 

Xo, Heather

What’s your magical moment?


Have you ever had a moment in life when you maybe didn’t expect it, but you found yourself looking at your life from the outside and relishing in the bliss? Let me explain….

I have only had this happen a small handful of times, but these magical moments I am describing are those times when you are all of the sudden stricken with a deep feeling of happiness for life. More like a blissful state that is usually fleeting but you get to relish in the moment for a minute or two but you don’t want the feeling to end. They usually come during times of simplicity, like watching a beautiful sunset with friends or sitting on the beach reading when a child gleefully playing in the ocean captivates your attention.

I LOVE these moments!!

Interestingly enough they don’t usually happen during big life events but more during the smaller joys and experiences in life, a lot of times, when you least expect it. It’s interesting how that works isn’t it? One thing I’ve learned in life is: it IS the simple things. It’s the simple things that matter and mean the most.

Have you ever had these moments or consciously recognized them? I’d love to hear your experiences!

xo, Heather

And baby makes 2!

It has been a long time since I last did a blog post, but for good reason….I had a baby! On her due date (which is very rare!), on July 30th- the day after my birthday, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ava, who was 6 lbs. 5.4 ounces and 19 in. long- with long legs like her mama!


She is just precious! She turned 3 weeks old today and I have loved every minute. She is a pretty good baby and only really has fits when she is extra hungry beyond the usual. I am finally learning her cues/signals and what she wants which is the hard part.

The lack of sleep is seriously NO JOKE, people. Oh. My. Goodness. It is probably the hardest part of parenting an infant, besides your whole world changing. I’m learning the art of taking her out to run errands with me, which is hard in itself, but practice makes perfect! Thank goodness I have a great support system around me because without their help, it would be almost impossible!

I am so grateful that God gave me this sweet girl, she is quite the miracle baby. To think just 1.5 years ago I had stage 4 cancer, was told I wouldn’t be able to have kids since my treatment was so toxic and then got pregnant, had a healthy pregnancy and she is perfect! Counting my blessings every day.

xo, Heather

If life has you down, read this….

I always look back on this monumental time in my life when life was at its worst. Coming out on the other side as a stronger, brighter and more courageous person gave me the power to create change. My goal since then has always been to inspire others to LIVE LIFE, EAT HEALTHY and LOVE DEEPLY. It’s all that is important. This article below is my story 🙂

How to become fearless. It’s not what you think…..


When people ask me what it means to be fearless, I smile. It can seem like a rather complex subject, but what does it really mean? Simply put, it means letting love in.

I’m not talking about romantic love here. Letting love into our lives in any capacity naturally pushes fear out. Fear cannot coexist with love. Love conquers all, or does it?

Take me, for example. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 33 years old. I had fear coming out of me from all directions during that time, but I decided to let it all go and to choose love instead. Love from my family, friends, pets and God. I wanted to have the best chance of survival and didn’t want to let fear or my cancer win. Do you know what happened? I won. Coincidence? I’ll never know. But one thing is for sure, I will never let fear dictate my life. Love is the only thing worth living for. Having faced my death, I now know this first hand.

Love and fear are the most powerful human emotions and both have the power to transform our lives if we let them. Choosing the type of life you’d rather live is what it’s all about. Do you want more fear or do you want to be fearless?

We have to focus on letting love in, from anywhere. We need to stop being stubborn! We need to open ourselves up to allow love to come in whether it’s from a stranger, a loved one, our dog or our doctor. We must allow love in and then watch the magic happen.

In addition to letting love in, give it away! Give free smiles to people, lend a hand to someone in need, give your store clerk a compliment or give someone a hug in a time of need. We all need love, so give it away and then watch it come back to you!

Once we make the conscious choice to allow love into our lives, the more fearless we become. We start choosing love over fear more and more and we start to notice how good that makes us feel. We are going for things that used to scare us, we are taking much needed time away for ourselves and we are no longer letting fear dictate our lives. Be bold, fear less and love more.

2015 – Are you going BIG?

How is 2015 shaping up for you? I’ve had some pretty big and monumental things occur in my life starting in late 2014 and carrying over into this year.

First, I hit my 1-year remission mark from stage 4 cancer in November 2014! This was such an amazing feeling, getting to look back and reflect on how much pain and suffering I endured, only to look at my life now! I’m alive and well. Cancer-free. My oncologist said if I can make it to my two year remission mark that I have a better chance of my cancer not relapsing, so that is what I’m shooting for (and between you and me, I’m confident it won’t. Universe, are you listening?). I had nothing to rely on during my illness besides God and my own personal strength that He gave to me. That was it. God is powerful and so is the human spirit. Positive thinking combined with strength in God, I know, is what got me through it.

Speaking of miracles….I got another amazing miracle—I found out I was pregnant immediately after I celebrated one year in remission! I wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids after my cancer treatment, so this came as a complete shock and possibly the world’s biggest blessing. Even though I’ll be a single Mom and co-parenting with her Dad, I know we will love her so much and she’ll know what a miracle she is. Yes, it’s a girl!

I am forever changed for the better because of cancer. My whole life was turned upside down, inside out and I never realized how one single experience could transform a human being so completely. I know that my being open to the transformation was pivotal in my healing but I feel profoundly changed by my experience. It taught me things that one could never possibly learn through ordinary living. It opened up new dimensions that I didn’t even know existed in my life, my heart and my mind. What an incredible journey I am on!

I’m a firm believer that some people endure harder life circumstances than others for a reason. Sometimes it’s how we learn important lessons and sometimes it’s meant for a higher purpose that we’ll never understand. I believe inspiration comes in many forms, even through hardships.

How has 2015 been for you so far? Please share your experiences so that we can all celebrate life in whatever capacity it’s serving in our own lives. Let’s be a community of hope and happiness for each other!